WaffelFix 6426

Excellent yield concentrate (2.5x) for fine and tasty waffles. The composition is very safe and easy to use. A 10kg container will be enough for approx.250 Waffles of 110g (0.21 € / waffle)
Preparation: 600g of concentrate Waffle + 200g oil + 400g flour + 600g water.
Advantage: The short baking time increased the baking performance and reduces the energy costs.

Wooden Sticks

100 pcs in a polybag, spanfreies Beechwood, hygienic, tasteless and food safe. Size: approx 15x2x0, 2cm. Logo printing on demand.
Application: Simply click on the filled-dough - verbackt automatically.
Advantage: convenient to eat (single handed), saves napkin and paper plate.

AntiStick Oil-Spray

Grants easy removal of waffle and reduces arrears. 100% vegetable, precise application. A spray can (600ml) willl be enough for about 400 applications.
Advantage: Safe separation efficiency even in low-fat compositions.

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