1. Following consultation with the client, we design an appealing image of the waffle.
  2. A model of the baking sheets will then be created by applying modern methods and high-precision machines.
  3. The baking sheets are cast in aluminium, further processed and provided with a high quality Teflon coating.
  4. Following reception of your logo as photo or sketch we will work out a binding offer. Six weeks later already you can surprise your customer with your unique LogoWaffles.
  5. The costs of the development and master model can be dropped by fifty percent if the top and bottom baking sheet have the same motif.

If required, we design and produce baking plates for your specific heater.

As decision-making aid we can also supply documentation consisting of more drawings and photo realistic views of your logo waffle. The documentation costs are deductible from the total amount of the order.
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