Back-Set "Event 4.3"

Ideal for exhibitions and events, the device offers the necessary power. The high-quality Al-baking plates are easy to clean and provide excellent baking results.

Technical Description: chrome housing, handle and foot of heat-resistant plastic, removable Al-plates, Teflon coated, grease collection system. Power: 2200 W/230 V, infinitely adjustable thermostat Dimensions: 46x37x20cm (WDH), Weight approx 10.0kg Baking performance: approx. 60 waffles per hour.

Display "Premium"

Sturdy, space saving and attractive presentation of up to 12 waffles stick.
Removable protection shield made of clear Plexyglas, 4mm thick, 33cm high.
Dimensions: 43x19x7cm, Material: brushed stainless steel, Weight: 1.7 kilograms.

Display "Standard"

Similar to display "Premium", but without protection shield, weight: 1.0 kilograms.

Timer "Exakt"

For uniform baking results: simple, compact, precise.
Size: 8,5 x7, 5x1.5cm, material: metal / plastic, Weight: 90g.

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